New TErminal One Stop Entertainment

New Terminal

We have various types of entertainment from karaoke, massage & spa and bar & resto such as lounge & sports bar.

New Terminal massage & Spa has various facilities and treatments, from hot & cold pools, saunas, bars, and various types of rooms for massage.
With treadment such as traditional massage, thai massage and shiatsu massage that will relax the consumer’s body.

New Terminal Falcon sports bar provided by New Terminal. with the feel of free battle and various interesting events accompanied by live music it will be very fun to party with friends and relatives.

New Terminal Merry Luiz Lounge is one of the Bar & Resto places. which features endless parties accompanied by Live Dj performances, live music & dancers which makes New Terminal Merry Luiz very suitable to be a place to relieve stress.

New Terminal KTV provides a private karaoke. with various types of rooms provided according to consumer needs. Various types of songs are provided at New Terminal KTV from western songs, local songs and others. which makes it very suitable for doing private parties.


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